Monday, February 17th (Presidents Day) *Holiday Pricing*

9:45-11:45AM Sticks & Pucks 

12:00-10:00PM Public Skating

Tuesday, February 18th

9:15-11:15AM Winter Camp

11:00-10:00PM Public Skating

Wednesday, February 19th

9:15-11:15AM Winter Camp

11:00-10:00PM Public Skating

Thursday, February 20th

11:00am-7:00pm Public Skating

7:15-8:15PM Sharks 

8:80-9:30PM Men's League 

Friday, February 21st

11:00am-7:00pm Public Skating

7:00-10:00pm Teen Night

Saturday, February 22nd

8:15-9:45AM U10 Hockey Program

10:00-11:30AM Sticks & Pucks 

11:45-12:45PM Southampton Skating School

1:00-10:00PM Public Skating

Sunday, February 23rd

7:00-8:00AM Private Ice Charter 

8:15-9:15AM U10 Hockey Program

9:30-10:30AM U10 Hockey Game

10:45-12:15PM Freestyle Skating/Toddler Learn to Skate *Registration must be made in advance*

12:30-7:00PM Public Skating

7:15-8:45PM SHFD

9:00PM Mens League